Wool Tweed & Leather

I bought this brown skirt in the sales and today was the first time I got it out of the closet; I still needed to cut off the price tag.

Jacket: C&A/ Top: H&M/ Skirt: The Sting/ Ankle Boots + Bag: Primark/ Watch: Michael Kors



Lumber Girl

I can hardly describe how much I love this McCartney Falabella inspired bag. I saw it by chance during my last trip to London. I use it a lot because it fits everything you could possibly need and it goes with pretty much everything.

Top: L&L/ Shirt+Jeans: H&M/ Earrings: Lefties/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Boots: Bonneville/ Bag: Camden Stables Market/ Necklace: Gift



Baby Cupcakes

I love making and decorating cupcakes. This batch was ordered by someone who wants to give her best friends the good news of being pregnant with cute cupcakes. She was really pleased with the result, as was I.

Brownie cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and marzipan decorations.